The latest campaign of Ognisty Ketchup Pudliszki be The Kraft Heinz Company has started, which we forged in a foundry furnace together with Jurek Dutkiewicz. It's great to be able to rely on the help of colleagues in times of health crisis. Thank you for the experience and the exchange of sensitivity, which allowed this project to be at its best. Michał Krygier and Magdalena Morgun, thanks for the fiery burst of creativity :) Punchline, you guys are awesome. Thank you Bartosz Gil, Patrycja Prokopek, Mateusz Muszyński for your passionate enthusiasm, production, and conjuring up a genuine foundry costume. Big up to Truskavka. Thanks Marcin Kowalski for the editing. The VFX and CGI that created the atmosphere bursting with heat were brought to life by ZPost Łukasz Zyskowski and Krzysztof Aratyk. Thanks for the tests and trials. It looks really good. Thanks Maja Salomon and Justyna Dragan for the food styling, and also thanks to Greg Klukowski for the photos for the KV. It was a great pleasure working together!
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